🚨 Jeśli zajmujecie się marketingiem, szczególnie tym brandowym, a nie widzieliście jeszcze niedawnego webinaru Marka Ritsona nt. Differentiation (Odróżnialności? marek), to czas szybko to nadrobić. Linki na dole wpisu, kluczowe cytaty poniżej.

🗨️ “We got to a point where we were ridiculously contingent upon it [differentiation]. And linked to that, we lost the plot with all kinds of other ridiculously overstated, esoteric, overambitious, bogus, unrealistic, nonsensical things to do with differentiation. We lost the plot, for example, with archetypes, again, next to the USP, the most stupid fucking concept in the history of marketing. I’m stunned, first of all, that it ever existed. And I’m even more stunned that there are still dingbats who try and justify positioning industrial welding equipment as the hero or the caregiver or the magician. (…) So we lost the plot and we went too far. We started smoking the crack pipe of nonsensical differentiation. We lost the plot with brands. We forgot what brands really were.”

🗨️ “And I think all of these things, all of these mistakes came from the fact that we forgot our prime directive that we are not consumers. I think we spent eight hours a day, five days a week thinking about our brands, working on our brands, looking at our brands, developing our brands, getting bored with our brands and making our brands more and more complex. (…) And we missed the point about distinctiveness because there were always distinct to us and we overegged the omelette of differentiation because we thought everyone else was really into our brands like us. And we forgot that consumers don’t give a fuck about our brands. (…) Even the ones that are buying your brands don’t care that much, right? Even the ones that buy them regularly don’t care that much. You’re not that important.”

Część 1: https://vimeo.com/850151606/52d1215f5f

Część 2: https://mba.marketingweek.com/defending-differentiation-part-2/

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